Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

2nd year anims

Once I grew balls I switched from paper to flash hahaaaaaaa no more 600 sheet line tests

exp change assignment huhuhu


Human lip synch

Keys done for Robert's acting class! I couldn't believe he let me do this instead of make a fool of myself :D
such a good class wahhhh
(for context, he's a criminal being interrogated, and the little squares he's playing with are photos of his victims fghdjkgfd)

Fight sequence, also for Robert's class
he pointed out a pretty glaring screen direction problem HAHA THAT I NEVER FIXED ;_; 

Muzzle synch

Beak synch


Since third year is starting soon, it's probably a good idea to put up some stuff from... second year .... ha ha HA

 Characters from pre-islamic arabia for char. design
this project was hands down the most fun in this class :'D

Exercises from layout
Piotr is such a great teacher; I have tons of notes from that class aaaa

arrrgh paint ARGHHHH


Monday, September 3, 2012


Found the lost zoo files! :'D I hope I can make it to the zoo a bit more this year; I really like it there.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer class!

I took Nancy's summer class (Acting for Animators); it was really really great and I HIGHLY recommend it. I hope she's willing to do it again because I learned some really valuable things. :'D

The first assignment required Seti (the subject) to interact with a ball. We had to emphasize a certain emotion and show a lot of character. :D

The second assignment was a bit more open—any two inanimate objects had to engage in some sort of conflict. It was also a lot more difficult. ;u;


I forget exactly what discouraged me from posting but I figured I should put some of this stuff before I move on. :D

The novel interior was my favourite painting assignment heheheh because I could pull stuff from ASOIAF.
those faces are mighty ugly.

Final char. design assignment:

I don't know where I saved all my zoo drawings so here's just the graphic from the title page :'D it's pretty stiff.

and I drew weirwoods for a layout portfolio piece. :D...

Our digital tools class had to make a very very short animated thing for our final assignment. Changing camera angles was hard but fun to try. :D
The text at the end is for a mandatory part of the assignment I couldn't fit in hahaha

Animal walk was fun but I had a lot of trouble with the stepping rhythm and the uhhh... treadmill. Raccoons walk kind of halfway between a normal mammal walk and a hyena :S

I can't find my flour sack animation :'D oh well

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Animations!! :D

Character walk!! I'm really happy we got to do this instead of the pink panther. :'D I can only imagine how agonizing that must have been for previous years hahahaha

I tried to do a kick walk (with the feet hitting the ground before they swung the rest of the way), but.... it doesn't work very well without sound. I wish I did something that was heavier on performance; some of my fellow first years did intimidatingly good walk cycles. *_*

and then there's all that extra stuff at the end that I didn't get to finish.... ahahhah that was really embarrassing to watch in lecture.

Head rotation! This really is the hardest assignment of the year. @_@


I intended to do SOOOO much more with this when I drew out my thumbnails, like have Kaa come from above and hypnotize Shere Khan into saying meow, but I wasted away reading week heheheh.